Jan 13

Once again the hate mongering PRICK, Spectard, can be found at RA, being allowed by the racist morons who run the forums to mock non-whites and vomit his sick racism with impunity. I can’t believe this fucking CUNT STILL tries to claim that he is not a fucking BIGOT. His latest:

Damn well does too Halley. You lie! They speak in that uneducated, primitive way when they speak among themselves. You use it here when you want to (most of the time). You know better, because when you;’re called on it, you said you “know the difference”, but you think “it sound better” (dropping the “s” is a part of it).

I’ve heard Osama Obama speak that way when he speak to HIS people. Are all liberals as dishonest as you and Confused? Answer: YES!

You are a fucking waste of oxygen, asshole!

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Jan 06

Time and time again, the wack-o far right tries to compare liberals with Hitler and communism. This has pissed me off to no end because it is nothing more than a tried and true tactic of the big evil right wing propaganda machine. In truth, it is those that espouse the exclusion philosophy of the religious right who are the real nazis, and the biggest one of them all is that hate-mongering fucktard racist Specter, the idiot who blames theJews for the holocaust and who believes that God will punish the black man because he is not jumping on a boat and sailing back to Africa where he belongs. Here is his latest post on RA.

Because the BIBLICAL “Jesus” isn’t the person most “Christians” think He is. He was NOT a pacifist.
If this statement reminds you a little bit of the philosophy of the Nazis, it should. Here is a quote from Hiter from Mien Kampf.
Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.
It shouldn’t be surprising that both Hitler and Specter share the same ideology about Jesus. You simply cannot arrive at the conclusion arrived at by these two despicable wastes of oxygen if you are of sound mind. Unfortunately, neither of them are. Fortunately for the world, Hitler is dead and Specter is a very old and very lonely bitter man approaching an eternity with Hitler in the afterlife and has no friends and exactly zero impact on the world. Hopefully, this image of Jesus as a sword wielding slayer of the left will die out with his kind very soon. Until then, FUCK OFF, Specter.

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Dec 28

These kinds of morons scare me the most. You can see violence and hate in their every word. This loser has been beating the revolutionary war drum ever since he showed up on RA. He is one of the angriest (AND STUPIDEST) people I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. Here he shows how the love of blessed Jesus has touched his heart. He wants to see people executed for crimes that do not involve homicide, he wants to see the government overthrown because they tax people and because they don’t throw out the constitution and adopt biblical law, and he thinks that people who rape are all homosexuals. Hey ED, FUCK OFF!

This stuff happens due to our lienent court system. rapists should be given the death penalty! Who says these preditors are usually white christian men? The lefty media?  A large percentage are most likely gays.

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Dec 27

Regarding Specter being a racist piece of useless scum, there shouldn’t be after this post.

CONFLICTING cultures CANNOT co-exist. The Beasts are to be removed from the land.

I think he made his feelings about God’s children (and his contempt for them and his hypocrisy) QUITE CLEAR.

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Dec 26

This is unbelievable. It sums up bible thumping conservatives nicely though. The author, Ed, is one of the biggest war mongering violence loving hate spreading hypocrites you will ever have the displeasure of knowing. Here is a post from a thread he entitled ‘If Jesus was on earth todat’. (The spelling is HIS and shows he is illiterate in addition to being stupid).

A better title would be IF JESUS WAS ON EARTH TODAY, HE’D BE EXACTLY LIKE ME. What a fucking retard.

He would be an NRA member,
He would be pro life
He would be against the current health care bill
He would be against amnesty for illegals
He would say Rush and Sean are good guys
He would be against gay marriage and gay rights
He would chastise the current government(both parties) for trampling the Constitution.
He would shut down the porn industry and clean up Hollywood
He would treat our seniors and veterans better.
He would be in favor of American Revolution II.
He would hate the evil Obama but love the man,
He would be against US imperialism around the world and encourage charity instead,
Feel free to add more to the list!
Halley posted a very nice reply
Is this a joke because you cannot possible know Jesus and say that.
This idiot is a joke. He openly wishes for war between the right and left and supports forcing his STUPID IDIOT HATE MONGERING RELIGION  down the throats of his enemies. Then he has the fucking gall to claim that Jesus is exactly like him. He knows Jesus like I know Pope Gregory. Ed, YOU ARE A FUCKING RETARD, HYPOCRITE.

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